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Michael Alden

President & CEO

Michael founded Blue Vase Marketing based on the values taught in the book The Go Getter and under his direction, the company has grown to be a premier Direct Response firm that covers every aspect of direct marketing.

Blue Vase Marketing, LLC is a full-service Direct Response Marketing Agency from concept to doorstep.

At Blue Vase Marketing our guarantee is to deliver your product through clear, concise and compliant techniques. As an extension of your team, we will work together to establish goals, direction and road map for your product’s success.  Our customized approach tailors our experience to meet your objectives. We believe it is our main duty to perform at a high level of efficiency for our clients and consider our mission statement to be the strongest set of guidelines by which to operate.

Mission Statement

To be the most successful and respected Direct Response firm in the world by providing excellent services to our customers, continuously exceeding expectations and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Why Choose Blue Vase Marketing?

Blue Vase® Marketing started as a small call center with 10 total employees a few short years ago and we have grown to well over 100 employees by offering comprehensive Direct Response Television (“DRTV”) marketing management services capable of creating a strategic marketing roadmap for your product or service; covering every detail of a comprehensive marketing campaign down to the last dollar in media and operational support.

It shall be done. ~Bill Peck
The Go-Getter  by Peter B. Kyne

We work in concert with merchants and/or manufacturers and media companies to improve overall performance and bottom line results. Blue Vase® Marketing manages marketing and fulfillment for a variety of products in the health and wellness areas such as vitamins, dietary supplements, weight management programs, books, business opportunities and other self-improvement/self-care products.


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