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History of Blue Vase Marketing

BVM Front DoorBlue Vase Marketing, LLC was founded in Beverly Massachusetts in February, 2009 by business entrepenuer and Corporate Counselor, Michael Alden. To start his business, Michael recruited the talents of other Direct Response professionals with the promise, “We will be the most powerful and most respected direct response firm in five years.” Starting with a small crew of executives, sales agents and a dozen call center stations, the first calls were received on February 27, 2009. The sales floor quickly grew and capacity was added to the server room. Knowing that the most effective way to manage a campaign is to keep all processes floating under one roof, Blue Vase quickly established a Customer Satisfaction department and Warehouse for in-house fulfillment.

Blue Vase Marketing has grown from that small call center with 10 total employees to over 100 employees in a few short years by offering comprehensive Direct Response Television (DRTV) marketing management services capable of creating a strategic marketing roadmap for your product—covering every detail of a comprehensive marketing campaign down to the last dollar in media and operational support.

We work in concert with merchants, manufacturers and media companies to improve overall performance and bottom line results. Blue Vase Marketing manages marketing and fulfillment for a variety of products in the health and wellness areas such as vitamins, dietary supplements, weight management programs, books, business opportunities and other self-improvement/self-care products.

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