Blue Vase Launches Ultra-Premium Spirit Emory Vodka

Blue Vase Marketing has announced the launch of Emory Vodka, an Ultra-Premium product conceptually inspired by the works of one of today’s leading artists. Emory Vodka enters the market as one of the few naturally gluten free, corn-based products in the Ultra-Premium category while being six times distilled. Introduced to the industry during this year’s Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America annual convention where it received a Silver Award in the distilled spirits tasting competition, Emory is one of the first artist-inspired premium vodka lines. Michael Alden, President and CEO of Blue Vase, in partnership with New York artist Blake Emory, translated the artist’s oil on canvas creations in Optic Modernism to serve as a unique brand extension for the decoration adorning the frosted glass Emory Vodka packaging. Each limited edition bottle is completed with the trademark red stiletto, with Emory’s “Shauna 1” piece marking the first of the series in the product’s adaptation.

“We are pleased to announce the strategic roll-out of Emory Vodka in time for the festive season,” says Michael Alden. “We understand the premium spirits business and know how important it is to develop something marketable and unique for the consumer in an over saturated marketplace.  The exceptional design portrayed in the Zebra Love series by Blake Emory creates a strong artistic impression and will form tremendous brand recognition for the product.  This unique design element also allows us to develop alternate configurations for the new line while remaining creative and diverse.  Launching a one hundred percent corn based vodka that is naturally gluten free while being six times distilled will also deliver the ultra-premium taste that vodka lovers will expect.”
 Priced at $29.99 for 750ml, Emory Vodka has begun its off premise campaign while targeting high volume cities nationally, and is expected to be on shelves nationwide throughout 2016.

The spark of inspiration for Emory Vodka comes courtesy of the Zebra Love series, which combines patterns found in nature with the elements of the human form, taking the observer on a journey to discover optical illusions created by oil on canvas. Blake Emory’s Zebra Love collection has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and displayed at the world famous Art Basel, and his pieces are in the collections of several notable celebrities. Most recently, Art Business News named Blake as one of the Top Emerging Artists in America for 2014. The beverage industry is taking note of the unique product design and inspiration. Emory Vodka was recently nominated by Beverage Industry Magazine for Best Packaging of 2015. But the vodka is so much more than the artisan bottle, Emory Vodka is micro-distilled in the United States using only the finest American-grown corn and natural spring water. Absolutely nothing is added. Emory Vodka is then distilled six times to produce a clean, crisp spirit. Naturally gluten free, this product is exceptionally smooth and represents the best that both man and nature can produce.