Jon Broderick Sponsored by Michael Alden Wins $44k at World Series of Poker

Inspired by the lessons in Michael Alden’s Ask More Get More, Jon Broderick, an old high school friend of the author, reached out to Alden to sponsor him in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). A self-proclaimed “weekend poker guy” and first-time entrant, Broderick finished 186th at the WSOP on Saturday. He led the board for most of the first day on July 5, giving seasoned players a run. The competition lasted 12 hours each day, with nine players at each table. However, on Saturday night Broderick was running low on chips and got knocked out of the Main Event. By Sunday morning Broderick was on a flight home to surprise family and friends. For a first time player in such prestigious event, Broderick is happy with the result and is ready for another play at the WSOP.

More of Jon Broderick’s story can be found on the Boston Globe website.