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Experienced Call Center

The combined experience of Blue Vase Marketing’s executive staff and sales professionals not only provides our clients with strong front end Call Center metrics including higher than average closing ratios and solid revenue per call (RPC) results, but we’ll make the back end perform even better. Whether your product is literature, media, exercise equipment, supplements, or tools, Blue Vase Marketing knows how to increase the lifetime value from your customers.

Call CenterThe call spike phenomenon you experience from direct response marketing is well known to Blue Vase Marketing. We know these fluctuations; with our unique model we can handle the volume with little to no abandonment, leaving staffing issues and scheduling concerns a thing of the past.

Blue Vase Marketing’s General Sales Manager and management team oversee all aspects of the call center sales floor ensuring that established goals are not only achieved but exceeded by: constantly monitoring key call center metrics like closing ratios and RPC; regularly monitoring talk time and expediting wrap-up time; closely monitoring service level rates and abandon rates; and, working closely with our clients to ensure superior data integrity and consumer satisfaction to exceed client expectations.

Sales are processed while the sales professional is on the phone. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and customer satisfaction purposes. Blue Vase Marketing handles all payment options including credit card payments, e-checks, and invoicing for paper check or money order payment options. Each evening, orders are settled and then the records are transferred through secure transmission to our fulfillment center for packing and shipment.

Our sales staff is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including all major holidays and as a result of our in-house team, we can change pricing, scripts and offers in less than one business day!

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