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Custom Media: Infomercials, Radio Spots and more!whychoose

Blue Vase® Marketing’s clients generally introduce the public to its products largely via infomercials. The management of Blue Vase® Marketing is highly experienced in infomercial production and has produced and overseen hundreds of infomercial campaigns.

Blue Vase Marketing has experience with long form television, short form television, and one minute to thirty minute radio spots.

Currently, our most successful infomercial campaigns generally last 30 minutes and are hosted by Michael Alden in a talk show format. During the infomercial, potential customers are provided with unique 800 telephone numbers so they may speak with a sales professional during or after the show airs. A sales professional is prompted with a script that is specific to the infomercial the potential customer has just viewed. The customer is then given different purchase options.

BlueVase® Marketing offers:

  • Product offer content and scripting
  • Creative offer testing
  • Media planning and analysis
  • Client reporting through a state-of-the-art Data Warehouse

BlueVase® also offers duplication services in-house for your infomercial, at a fraction of the current duplications costs.

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