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Fulfillment & Warehouse Services

Blue Vase Marketing has 10,000 square feet of warehouse space at an off-site location two miles away from its main office in Beverly, Massachusetts. Product is inspected and the count verified when received into our warehouse and it is done under the supervision of our Warehouse Manager.

Warehouse and Fulfillment

Bulk storage of product is done on pallets and is charged on a per pallet per month basis. Consolidation of pallets is performed whenever possible to help save you money. Orders are filled by warehouse employees on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.

There are four address checks in place to ensure timely delivery while minimizing undeliverable packages and customer service issues. This important process is comprehensive: your customer’s first address check is at the time of order through customer verification with the sales professional; the second address check is at the time of credit processing; there are then two separate software program checks, one at time of information transfer then at time of shipping. Any anomalies are checked manually by Blue Vase Marketing staff to ensure corrections are 100% accurate and complete.

Blue Vase Marketing will ship your products through our preferred carriers to ensure accurate, cost-effective and speedy delivery. Standard orders average 7 to 12 business days for delivery. Express Shipping options are also available for additional cost with average delivery between 5 and 7 business days.

Blue Vase Marketing is well aware that product returns and exchanges impact your bottom line. Our receiving department works closely with Customer Satisfaction to strictly enforce your return and exchange policy as well as communicate directly with your customers to save sales while minimizing exposure to further customer service issues. In addition, we work with our clients to minimize this expense through order recovery programs. When returns and exchanges are processed we carefully handle all products to refurbish/resell as you request.

Additionally, because we are a fully integrated company, we can change or modify your return policy, welcome letter and even product information in less than one business day! For inquiries regarding Fulfillment & Warehouse Services please contact

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