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State-of-the-Art Technology

In the fast paced environment of Direct Response, it’s important to be able to turn a campaign on at the moment of inception, change the offers as soon as the statistics are trending, and ramp up exponentially without regard for how it will tax the systems. Blue Vase Marketing’s technology team has worked with most vendors in the industry and can easily integrate with any system on the market. Our clients enjoy professional website development, smartphone app development, and smartphone reporting tools in addition to the normal day to day assurance of data warehousing, scripted order taking systems and customer satisfaction tools.

BV Console

Blue Vase Marketing’s proprietary systems can be used in part or as a whole integrated system. The BV Console integrates into many vendor systems and has reporting for all of them. The application can be used as a hosted service and since it is web browser based, there is no internal installations to maintain.

  • Media Console can accept buy feeds and export results from buyers such as Mercury, Canella, Havas Edge, Media Design Group, Direct Avenue, Apex, Synergixx Radio and William Sullivan Advertising. Reporting tools allow real-time viewing of sales, calls per thousand, calls in queue, revenue per call, MER and closing percentage for every individual buy across multiple call centers that may be taking orders.
  • Sales Console has a full product catalog and script engine designed to display to the sales agent only the words and products our clients want sold at any given time. The BV Console Script “pops” open based on caller ani and dialed number information so agents can concentrate on making the sale and not making decisions. The script engine can easily be plugged into any call system so the client need not be shackled to one vendor.
  • Merchant Processing can be done real-time auth or capture with any vendor. Blue Vase presently has clients that do processing through Litle&Co,, GrayPAY,, Global E-Telecom, USAePay, ICS, and Paypal.
  • Customer Satisfaction Console is fully integrated into the Sales, Fulfillment, and Continuity platforms. The caller’s number is quickly matched against our extensive index to allow the CSR to identify and assist customers.
  • Fulfillment Console allows the shipping facility to download the orders they want to fill based on size, quantity or destination. Daily manifest uploads allow Customer Satisfaction to attain the tracking numbers as soon as the package is on the truck. Inventory, orders, customers and addressing information is all checked and verified at every stage through the process to assure packages get to where they are headed in a timely manner, correctly. Exception alerts can be set up to email whomever the client chooses.
  • RMA Console contains all the components necessary to assure that customers that want to return their packages or get their refunds are handled appropriately. Chargeback Mitigation, Returned Undelivered and Save a Sale are all tracked and reported to make sure the client can watch the bottom line.
  • Product Catalog can be used to not only set up your products for Sales Console, but also to configure the Continuity templates, multi-pay packages, commission structures, and return values.
  • Commission Engine has a multi-faceted configuration page which allows clients to payout based on revenue, bonus incentives, item counts and rankings in both percentage and/or straight pay models.
  • RPC Ranking Tool identifies the best agents based on ability to sell, revenue per call, upsell-ability, and closing percentages.

Website Development

We will work with you to make sure your website appeals to your target audience, engaging potential customers from the home page and enticing them to call or order. online. Once we help our clients identify their purpose and goals, we will make sure that the messaging is concise and effective to meet/exceed set goals. We have a strong record of:

    • Selling products and services online
    • Driving people to the featured business or retail location
    • Providing links to other online promotions such as social media (if applicable)
    • Creating compelling offers to encourage further communication and sales conversion online.


Our state-of-the-art data warehouse offers you a variety of reporting capabilities including common reports like gross sales reports and inventory reports; to more sophisticated call center and customer satisfaction statistics; to continuity sales and fulfillment status reports. The list of reporting topics available to you is extensive. Blue Vase Marketing supplies data to best meet your business needs. Reports can be supplied in a variety of formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML, XML, and smartphone apps.

Some standard reports in the BV Console:

  • Gross Sales Report provides you with gross revenue generated by each of your campaigns, broken out by specific offers and key codes.
  • Inventory Report provides you with the status of your inventory, broken down by warehouse location, item number and description, quantity, and your provided costs (for financial reporting, purchasing and insurance purposes).
  • Item Status Report provides you with the current status of all your customer’s orders –sorted by campaign, status, and order date.
  • Media Results Reporting provides you with dates, times, TV stations and call volume during each airing.
  • Call Center Reporting track and analyze call center and fulfillment metrics to ensure these operations support your business model effectively.


Our continuity engine bills repeat customers with assurance daily. Our custom designed exception handling:

  • Picks up bad credit cards and alerts customer satisfaction to contact the customer
  • Attempts re-billing of soft declines and after a client based setting will deliver the customer to customer satisfaction for contact
  • Allows for merging of multiple products
  • Can email notice of projected charge

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