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The Go-Getter

Our call center is composed of driven and motivated employees who want to achieve. Our “Employee of the Month Award” is called “The Go-Getter” and becomes a member of The President’s Club.

For Sales Professionals and Customer Satisfaction Representatives, this employee displays a positive attitude at all times, uses the tools provided to maximize every call, consistently sets high goals and achieves them on a regular basis, and conducts themselves on the call center floor with professionalism. For non call center staff, this embodies an employee that consistently ensures the success of Blue Vase Marketing, LLC, its customers and clients, by excelling at their position and making Blue Vase a better company.


At Blue Vase Marketing, our culture is performance driven. All employees go through product training, all departments are required to take sales calls and speak with customers looking for support. Executives can be found packing boxes, addressing postcards and quality assuring sales. By experiencing all levels of our operation, each employee can better understand the actions of their own department.


Our entire staff dresses for success in business professional attire, this includes our call center agents (Sales Professionals and Customer Satisfaction Representatives). We believe that an atmosphere filled with those that “dress for success” leads to those that believe they will succeed.


The Blue Vase environment is consistently positive, goal oriented and competitive. Our focused staff works towards our many incentives and it is this type of atmosphere where your product or service will succeed.


We are active in the community and try to support good organizations as best we can.


Believe – we believe that we will transform your goal into your reality.
Leadership – Each member of our executive team has at least 10 years experience in Direct Response.
Unify – We are the unifying force that will drive your business.
Execution- We will strategically execute your campaign with proficiency and professionalism.

Vision – We will team up and construct a road map of your vision.
Advertise – We will develop attractive advertisement for your campaign.
Sales – We will generate high sales for your product.
Excellence – We only deliver excellent service for our clients and their customers.


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