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Experienced Call Center

The combined experience of Blue Vase Marketing’s executive staff and sales professionals not only provides our clients with strong front end Call Center metrics including higher than average closing ratios and solid revenue per call (RPC) results, but we’ll make the back end perform even better. Whether your product is literature, media, exercise equipment, supplements or tools, Blue Vase Marketing knows how to increase the lifetime value from your customers.

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Fulfillment & Warehouse Services

Blue Vase® Marketing has 10,000 square feet of warehouse space at an off-site location two miles away from its main office in Beverly, Massachusetts. Product is inspected and the count verified when received into our warehouse and it is done under the supervision of our Warehouse Manager.

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Quality Customer Service

Complete customer satisfaction starts with experienced staff and is enhanced by thorough training and aided by a comprehensive, state-of-art phone and software system so the agent can immediately retrieve the customer’s information to view all communications including the order and correspondence history, so they can accurately and efficiently respond to your customer’s every need.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

In the fast paced environment of Direct Response, it’s important to be able to turn on a campaign at the moment of inception, change the offers as soon as the statistics are trending and ramp up exponentially without regard for how it will tax the systems. Blue Vase Marketing’s technology team can easily integrate with any system on the market. Our clients enjoy professional website development, smartphone app development and smartphone reporting tools in addition to the normal day to day assurance of data warehousing, scripted order taking systems and customer satisfaction tools.

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Custom Media: Infomercials, Radio Spots and more!

Blue Vase Marketing specializes in long form television format to introduce products to the public. The management team at Blue Vase Marketing is highly experienced in infomercial production, having produced and overseen hundreds of infomercial campaigns. Our experience with long and short form television, radio spots and digital marketing video makes Blue Vase Marketing your one-stop shop for custom media.

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Fine Art Services

In the highly competitive environment of Fine Art, it’s important to connect with galleries and industry professionals. Blue Vase’s experienced marketing team will help you create a cohesive, powerful presence. Our clients will enjoy the benefits of a targeted, effective, and smarter approach to building an artist’s market profile.

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