Do You Have a Platform?

Over the years I have been pitched all sorts of “platforms” that are designed to help my company become more efficient. From managing my media spend to routing calls to multiple call centers to tracking toll free numbers. I was always amazed at the dog and pony show that was put on by all these companies when they pitch their “platforms” to Blue Vase Marketing. There are entire companies that make a living off of a “platform” that routes calls and tracks toll free numbers. There are companies that have “platforms” that track packages and even track when infomercials or spots do not run.

When I really analyzed what many of these companies do I realized that we to have our own “platform” for almost every service that is provided in the industry and we include our multiple “platforms” as a part of our service. For instance, our call routing platform allows us to route calls to multiple call centers, track unique calls and change the percentage of calls to individual call centers. We even have an app developed where we and the client if they want can make changes to overflow times and call centers from their smart phone.

At Blue Vase we have our own media “platform” that tracks calls live, calculates MER, closing ratio, cost per call, average ticket and any other statistic imaginable. We have built a customer service “platform” that allows our Customer Satisfaction Agents to save sales, modify continuity orders, and track packages.

Our Sales “platform” or CRM allows us to run queries to determine which agent should receive a certain type of call versus another agent. We are able to analyze and maximize every possible statistic in order to ensure optimal efficiency for our inbound and outbound sales departments.

Our shipping “platform”, allows us to track packages, send an email to customers upon the sale and when a package is actually shipped in addition to managing things such as inventory.

I finally had an “Ah Ha” moment and realized that over the past four years we have truly built a fully integrated Blue Vase “platform” that offers everything a marketer in the direct response market would want all under one roof. I am very proud of our “platform” and excited that we are able to offer a truly complete all encompassing marketing package for our clients. Next time you hear the word “platform” remember that we at Blue Vase Marketing have a “platform” that can provide everything you need. For more information about our “platform” or our services visit or email me at