We Care as Much as You Do

About a year ago I had a company wide meeting and one of the things that I was driving home with all of my employees is that I want all of them to be as committed as me. I am 24/7, I live, breath, sleep and eat Blue Vase. Some would say to the point where it borders around being unhealthy (and maybe they are right). But, the reason why I do what I do is because I care about our company, our customers and our future. Every employee that works at Blue Vase Marketing, IS as committed as me. That seems like a bold statement, but we collectively take pride in our level of service and our reputation as being one of the most respected direct response firms in the world.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss

I have been doing this for over 11 years and I have met and know pretty much everyone in the industry of direct response. Our business model and philosophy on your success is different than that of most all other direct response companies. Our motto for our clients is “we care as much as you do”! We care about your success as if it were our product or service. The unique aspect about Blue Vase Marketing is that we do have our own products and services that we market, so we know what it feels like to care as much as you do.

A few days ago I was on the phone with one of our clients that we produced a 30 minute infomercial for. We were discussing the numbers and our collective excitement about the initial results. We only produced the infomercial for this client, we did not offer our call center, our outbound, our fulfillment, our campaign management or our customer service for this particular client. After being out in the DR community our client was calling me not to discuss the results, but picking my brain about some of the operational aspects of this business. He was expressing his discontent with some of the other service providers and their lack of urgency and response time to his requests. He began to ask me things like, how quickly can you have your call center taking calls, can you ship and manage my inventory, can your CRM do what I want it to. I of course then began to explain that not only can we do all of that, but we can do it faster than anyone else and we will do it as if it were our own campaign. Now, some may not like that we have our own campaigns and he even asked me about that. He said “How can you do that,” considering you would “make more money” on your own campaigns? I then told him we can do this because if we were the client, we would want the service provider to care as must as we did. We have used many of them and there are a lot of really good service providers in this industry, but no one is going to care as much as you do, they just don’t.

Last weekend I saw The Lorax by Dr. Seuss with the most important person in the world to me, my 5 year old little girl. At the end of the movie was this quote by Dr. Seuss: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” We care a whole awful lot about the long term relationships that we build with our clients and about them getting better. We do, because we act as if we were you, that’s just what we do (my own Seussism).